Portobello what a Passion!

Portobello what a Passion!

The most proteic and nutritious variety of mushrooms par excellence are the Champignons: the scientific name is Agaricus bisporus, but we all know them as Portobello.

This brown coloured variety is considered the biggest of the domestic mushrooms, with a very large cap that can reach up to 15 cm in diameter. Its delicate flavour and firm and fleshy consistency make this variety of mushroom particularly versatile in the kitchen and is increasingly used as an excellent vegan or vegetarian alternative to meat.

They are rich in mineral salts and vitamins – in particular B and C – as well as antioxidants such as ergotionein, which helps protect the skin. They have more potassium than bananas and do not contain sugars, which makes them suitable for diabetics.

The main season for the Portobello mushroom is between the months of September and November, a period in which, thanks to the autumn rains, allows them to be collected in the woods at the foot of the trees, in humid places.

Precisely because of their pleasantness and flavour, Portobello mushrooms are highly requested by our customers, and we at Istà prepare them in two variants: whole cap, delicately grilled and flavoured with herbs and spices ideal to then be stuffed or used as a vegetarian burger, and sliced, which are much appreciated by the Pizza and baking industry.