Italian Aperitif

Whether it’s “virtual” live on social media, at sunset from a balcony or an aperitif on the sofa, no one like us Italians knows best how to indulge in the magic of the aperitif every day.
A moment just for us to unwind, allowing ourselves to satisfy those taste buds in between sipping a good wine … a spritz or simply a beer … and give in to the flavour of vegetables, whether they be oil-packed, marinated or grilled, the aromas of cold cuts, delicious crispy breadsticks or creamy cheese…

Istà, the Italian vegetable appetizer specialist, today offers you a selection of its best flavours acclaimed worldwide as an excellent Italian product in the best delicatessens and the exclusive professional catering sector.

A “Kit” of four trays of 240 gr. ideal for instant consumption, but that has the exceptional shelf life of 12 months!
An eye-catching cardboard packaging that is also a rustic serving tray.

The “Four Aces” of our production with a very short supply chain, which goes directly from the farm to production using the best recipes of Italian tradition for a genuine and healthy product, which, as always, is vegan and vegetarian.