Borretane onions: the great aroma of a small ancient onion

Borretane onions: the great aroma of a small ancient onion

The Borretane Onion owes its name to Boretto, a town on the banks of the river Po in the province of Reggio Emilia, where it was cultivated as far back as 1400.

It was in these very lands, in fact, that this small straw-coloured onion with its flattened shape bulb found the right soil, hard and clayey, capable of giving it its unique organoleptic characteristics. Over the years the area of production has progressively expanded to the province of Parma, some areas of northern Emilia, and throughout southern Veneto.

It is small but, despite its size, has an intense and strong flavour, while also being very sweet at the same time. These qualities have earned it its appreciation all over the world, so much so that it is in high demand. Rich in mineral salts, especially calcium and phosphorus, and vitamins like C, the Borretane Onion is not only pleasing to the palate, but also good for your health.

Traditional Italian cuisine offers numerous preparations and recipes: it is often preserved in vinegar or in a sweet and sour sauce, and its delicate flavour makes it particularly suitable for an aperitif, an hors d’ouerve, an accompaniment for main courses, or with a platter of cold cuts and regional cheeses.

We at Istà love the Borretane Onion and since the beginning of our company, back in 1963, have prepared it with wisdom and passion, respecting the traditional recipes that have made it famous all over the world. We offer it to our clients in different varieties: in sweet and sour, in red vinegar, in brine, grilled in oil, and with the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP.